Friday, 13 January 2012

Red, Red, Red!

I love all kinds of berries. Their deep colour, juicy texture and citrusy sweetness make them not just fabulous to eat but also a visual delight. You can do a million things with them - toss them in a salad, cook them in a sauce, bake them in a pie - the list is endless. Also the fact that they are low on fat and rich in vitamins and anti oxidants takes a little bit of the glutton's guilt off me.

Here's a peak into my bowl this week. Two of my favourite red fruits...


One of my favourite things is adding pomegranate to yoghurt. It makes for a delicious and healthy snack any time of the day. Try these and I promise you, you will feel a lot less guilty than when you are reaching out for that tub of ice cream.
Here's a tip, always keep the pomegranate peeled and ready to use in your refrigerator. So the next time you're making a green salad or wanting something to snack on, you have an easy option.

Who does not like this juicy, plump, glistening, gorgeous looking fruit? It's probably the most romantic fruit as well; serve it up with champagne and chocolates to woo that special someone. Here's how I like it best...

Ok fine, the rum and sugar and ice cream end up adding calories but it's still better than eating a big fat chocolate pudding, isn't it?! So if you have more self restraint, just go for the natural fruit.

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  1. Even these two are my favorite red fruit.. Infact strawberry is some thing i love as fruit, as lip balm, as moisturizer, as soap and in fact everything...! I love those on pancakes and Baskin robin's strawberry ice cream is divine..! Your recipe about strawberry sounds classy baby.. I am gonna try it asap..! As regards to pomegranate, I love using those with sprouts (had today morning with green sprouts in fact), with raita, fruit salad, as fruit, with aloo ki suki sabji (sounds weird, but tastes yum-yum)


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